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Our Mojacar showroom will be closed from March 16th to April 21st and May 3rd to May 7th 2010
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Mojacar is the still relatively little known corner of enchantment of Andalucía, Southern Spain. Stroll through the spellbinding white village of Mojacar Pueblo or relax on Mojacar Playa for a fabulous day trip, weekend, week or longer and why not at the same time take the opportunity to visit Kasbah's exotic Mojacar showroom.

Below is our introduction to Mojacar. We intend to expand this soon to provide comprehensive tourist information for the area. Enjoy your visit and come back soon!

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inside Kasbah
Inside Kasbah
We are located on Mojacar Playa on the beach road between Mojacar centre and Garrucha, as indicated by the blue marker in the Google Map.

To navigate the map, click on the arrows or use the hand icon to drag the map. To zoom in and out click on the plus and minus.  

Travel directions to our showroom can be obtained by Viewing Larger Map and clicking on the blue marker.

You can also send an e-mail to our Mojacar Showroom.

About Mojacar 

Present day Mojacar is actually comprised of two distinct areas: the historical white village, Mojacar Pueblo, located approximately 2km inland and perched high on the foothills of the Sierra Cabrera at approximately 150m above sea level; and the more recently developed 17km long
Mojacar Playa
Mojacar Playa
Mojacar Playa bordering the Mediterranean Sea.

The name
Mojacar Pueblo
Mojacar Pueblo
Mojacar is derived from the Arabic name Moxacar which is derived from the Latin Mucacra which, in turn, has come from the Classical Greek Murgis-Akra meaning 'Murgis on the Hill'. Earlier inhabitants of the area, the Phoenicians (who arrived around 1100 B.C.) and the Argaric culture of the Bronze Age (from around 2000 B.C.) are believed to have called Mojacar Murgis.

Throughout its over 4000 year history, Mojacar has been dominated by a succession of civilizations and their cultures, but it was under Moorish rule that Mojacar really began to flourish.
narrow street in Mojacar
Narrow Street in Mojacar

Mojacar Pueblo

hidden corner in Mojacar
Hidden Corner in Mojacar
Echoes of its Moorish past live on in Mojacar Pueblo as nowhere else in Spain. Its visitors are attracted by the history, tradition and enchantment surrounding Mojacar. Its white cube shaped houses which cling to the mountainside, interspersed by a maze of winding narrow streets, create an exotic Arabian atmosphere true to its history.

Arab influences survive today not only in the architecture but in the people and the culture. Their Moorish ancestry can be seen in the features of the local people. Less than half a century ago the local women of Mojacar hid their faces behind yellow scarves and Mojacar was known as 'the village of the covered ones'.

Mojaqueros celebrate their Arabic history each year in June with the colourful Moors and Christians festival.

Mojacar Playa
Mojacar Playa

Mojacar Playa

Mojacar Playa is the modern seafront resort developed over the last 60 years. Unlike other coastal development in Andalucia, Mojacar Playa is low rise and much of the architecture is sympathetic to the regions history.

Mojacar Playa's beaches are superb and the 17km long coastline provides a wide choice from fine sandy beaches complete with all tourist amenities interspersed with rocky areas perfect for fishing and scuba-diving to hidden coves and solitary cliffs all of which edge the clear and clean waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

Mojacar has been awarded 2 blue flag beaches for 2008: Marina de la Torre to the north and Venta del Bancal at the beginning of the Paseo Marítimo to the South. 

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