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What is a Kasbah?

Kasbah, Atlas Mountains
Kasbah is defined as a North African citadel. Built by the Berbers from the 14th century onwards, a Kasbah was a single family stronghold (as opposed to a Ksour: a fortified tribal village) which increased in size as the family expanded.

Kasbahs are constructed from pounded red earth with straw reinforcement. Their facades are often decorated with white painted or engraved bold geometric Berber motifs; inside the kasbah, it is a simply decorated maze of dark passageways, rooms and courtyards.

In Morocco, numerous kasbahs are located on the southern slopes of the Atlas Mountains, on the edge of the Saharra Desert and on 'The Route of the Kasbahs' between the desert towns of Er-Rachidia and Quarzazate. These kasbahs once provided stopover points for camel caravans on the trade route between Marrakech and Timbuctu , but today many are sadly now empty and falling into ruin.
Buying Trip
Buying trip

Who are Kasbah?

KASBAH is a small family business fronted by Gayne Franzone. Having lived several years in Rabat, the capital of Morocco, and travelled extensively throughout the country, Gayne developed an appreciation and admiration of the skill and craftsmanship of the Moroccan Berber and Arab master artisans. In particular, he has acquired a wide knowledge of the unique handcrafted Berber tribal carpets.

Mojacar village
Mojacar Village
In 2002, Gayne returned to the old Moorish village of Mojacar, located in the region of Andalucia in Spain which was, for over 800 years the beating heart of the Arabian Empire. The influence of this colourful and exotic empire can clearly be seen in the present day culture and architecture of the region.
Kasbah shopfront
Kasbah  Window  Display

Observing a lack of availability of authentic Arabian quality home decoration and arts and crafts, Kasbah was opened in 2003.

Hence, Kasbah completes the circle; extending the trade route from
Kasbah forecourt
Kasbah Shopfront
Morocco back to Moorish Spain (Al Andaluz) from which it once originated. Established for over 5 years now, the Kasbah is a colorful and vibrant 'Aladin's den' of unique treasures, which we invite you to include on your trade route.

Where is Kasbah?

We are located on the beach road between Mojacar centre and Garrucha,  in Almeria, Spain. For more detailed information on how to find us and current opening hours Contact Us.

Urb. La Rumina, Local 5

Paseo del Mediterráneo, 443
Tel: (0034) 950 473036

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